My Sweet Rose by J.W. Waterhouse

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Contact Page

Here at Rosegate Harbour we enjoy friendly e-mail, and helpful messages are also appreciated!

Of particular interest to me would be:
  • Location of books on my lists that don't yet have links
  • More info on books I've listed, if you find a reason they shouldn't be here.
  • Any mistakes on the site, or in the free files provided here. (Including the texts or printable books.)

       Sorry for having to mung my address. I don't like spam.

       Contact me at:  roseg8harb (at) gmail (dot) com

    P.S. It may take me a while to get back to you. :)

    Re: Link exchanges - I've had many people asking me to link to their site, whether it's relevant to my visitors or not. Generally it's not. I'm more interested in providing information most suited to my visitors, than in boosting traffic to your page, so please don't ask. Any such messages will be treated as spam. Thanks!

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    My cute little doll came from Josie's Dollz.