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Links for Homeschool

The following sites contain useful homeschool materials. It is all FREE unless it's marked with a $. Although I have geared this mainly toward RC users, (and tried to mainly find printable materials) this material could be useful to any homeschooling family. Click on a subject that interests you, or scroll down to see them all.

    - ABC Books
    - Phonics
    - Vocabulary
    - Free Books (online)
    - Reference Materials (online)
    - Literary Analysis / Summaries
    - Book Lists

    - Penmanship
(and writing paper)
    - Copywork
    - Spelling
    - Grammar
    - Composition
    - Poetry
    - Math

    - History
    - Geography
    - Languages
    - Science
    - Miscellaneous Subjects

    - Helpful RC Sites
    - Helpful Homeschool Sites (general)
    - Transcripts / High School Help
    - $ Materials for sale
    - $ Miscellaneous (not school-related)


ABC books can be a fun way to introduce reading to little ones. Here are some to color and read.
Printing tip: An easy way to print these double-sided is to use FinePrint, and combine jobs. Go to the FinePrint page to learn how easy it is. (Download FinePrint for free.)

Alphabuddies - lots of fun alphabet and number coloring pages.

Create-A-Book - alphabet and number coloring pages to print.

A Jan Brett Coloring Alphabet - beautiful pictures to color and make into an alphabet book. And here are some covers to pick from.

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The RC phonics flashcards are meant to be a supplement to a phonics book or program. Below are some free phonics books that are highly rated. (Also some more phonics cards if you like).

(Another option is to buy a workbook at Walmart that contains phonics lessons. We used "Everything for Early Learning - Grade 1" - look by the school supplies.)

Word Mastery - Book in PDF format (scanned pages). Written in 1913 and considered by some to be one of the best phonics programs ever. Another PDF version in large print (typed, not scans).

Reading Made Easy with Blend Phonics - Book in PDF format. This is supposed to be one of the easiest ways to teach phonics, and is also considered highly effective.

Progressive Phonics - (If link doesn't work, try the archived page.) Has numerous free PDF books to download, print, and read along with your child to help them learn phonics. You can click on each book for a preview, to see what you think before downloading.

Alphabet and Phonics Flashcards - from Child Genius Magazine. You can start at the very beginning with the simple alphabet cards, or move on to the phonogram cards with words. There are 7 sets of flashcards to choose from.

Alphabet Flashcards and Phonogram Flashcards from Jan Brett - The phonogram cards are very similar to the RC flashcards, except there are fewer of them. (And they have pretty pictures on them.)

Phonics Rules Review - Just rules, not in flashcard format.

Owl and Mouse Educational Software - Numerous free computer programs that teach children the alphabet, phonics, and reading. (Other subjects available, too.)

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Cue Card - Make and print your own custom vocabulary flashcards with this totally free program. (I've tried this one and I think you could use it to make any kind of flash card you wanted.) Or use the program to quiz yourself, if you prefer to learn on the computer, without printing.

Sesame Words (SAT Vocabulary) - 3 lists of varying sizes available, and online flashcards. Each list is divided into lessons, which could be a helpful feature for using over the course of your child's homeschooling years. The high frequency list appears to contain easier words, and the low frequency list contains more difficult words. (Not in all cases, but it makes sense that harder words would generally be used less frequently on the SAT).
Available Lists: Top Frequency SAT (450 Words); Mid Frequency SAT (1350 Words); Low Frequency SAT (2700 Words)

5000 Collegiate Words with Brief Definitions - (in HTML or PDF format) created by an SAT prep teacher to teach words you'll need for the SAT or similar tests. (Has 5000 words, compared to RC's 6,464.) Scroll down to the box beneath the word list to see why they say 5000 words is enough for the SAT.
Try combining this list with the use of a flashcard program, like Cue Card. This list is in alphabetical order, but you can mix it up and start with easier words and work your way up as your child gets older.

High Frequency GRE Vocabulary and SAT Vocabulary - If you want to a lighter load of vocabulary, this list is only 750 words. (RC has 6,464.)
Try combining this list with the use of a flashcard program, like Cue Card. This list is in alphabetical order, but you can mix it up and start with easier words and work your way up as your child gets older.

Puzzlemaker - Make vocabulary exercises using your vocabulary words. (Word searches, crosswords, and other word puzzles.) Just keep in mind that this is OPTIONAL. Your child can memorize vocabulary by using just flashcards, or a simple list, and probably doesn't need these games to learn. They're just to add some fun. Can also print solutions.

Quiz Generator - at Personal Education Press. Fill in your own vocabulary lists to create fill-in-the-answer or multiple choice vocabulary quizzes or worksheets. You can also print the solutions. (This site also has other generators besides this quiz maker, including a flashcard drill.)

RC Vocabulary Quiz Index - Created for RC users. Includes quiz and solution for all the RC vocabulary words.

Book used in another curriculum, which may or may not interest you: (From the 1800s)
Word Building by Alonzo Reed and Brainerd Kellogg. Teaches about roots, suffixes, etc.

$ Vocabulary Exercises - from Robinson Books. This 10 volume set is a bit on the pricey side up front, but if you think of it as divided by the 13 years of homeschool, it works out to just a few dollars a year. Instead of flashcards it includes the following for each book in the curriculum that has accompanying vocabulary: A vocabulary list (words and definitions), 2 word searches (one has the word as a clue and one has the definition as a clue), a cross word puzzle, and a matching game (can also be used as a quiz, if you like). The book is comb-bound in 10 volumes and is over 1600 pages. (Or you can print all of this from the version 2.2 CDs, which may be a better choice. Then you can only print those you want, and make new ones for each child.)

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To Read: A list of free e-book sites is available at the bottom of the Free Homeschool Books page.

To Listen To: A list of free audiobook sites is available at the top of the RC Audio Books page.

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1913 Webster's Dictionary - Same as on RC, but it's online and searchable. (Also available here. Select the 1913 or 1828 edition.)

Or try the 1828 Webster's Dictionary - Popular among homeschoolers. (What's so great about 1828?) This online version is searchable. (Also available here. Select the 1828 or 1913 edition.)

Wordsmyth.Net Dictionary - This site has multiple dictionaries, including: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, a children's illustrated dictionary, and more. The dictionaries also list antonyms, synonyms, and an example of the word in a sentence. A great site!

1911 Encyclopedia - Same as on RC, except this is online, searchable, and browseable. (Not scans.) Why 1911? It is considered by many to be one of the best encyclopedias ever written. (Another version is available here.)

1611 King James Bible - Scanned images, same as RC. Or here is a searchable, browseable HTML version.

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Pink Monkey - Free "G" rated literary analyses, summaries, study guides, reviews, etc. Use this site to teach students how to analyze literature, or read summaries to help you pick books for your children. They have numerous RC books, as well as many other great books you may be using for school.
(Click on "Monkey Notes" in the menu to browse all the titles.) Can pay for downloadable PDF files, or just use the HTML ones for free.

Novel Guide - Want to teach proper literary analysis? This site has numerous RC books, as well as other great books you may want to add to your reading list.

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If you're thinking of creating your own curriculum, take a look at many booklists to get an idea of what other people recommend.

RC booklist - Printable plain list or printable table list (with lines).

1000 Good Books List - Broken up into reading levels.

Ambleside Online - You don't have to be following the Charlotte Mason method to find this book list useful. They have tried to use many books that are available online. (Those available are linked.) Organized by age.

Beacons of Truth Reading Lists - Sorted by age or subject. Nice to get an idea of the reading level of so many books you've heard of.

The Best of the Best - Book lists from "Citizens for Literary Standards in Schools". List of nice books. (Archived page.)

Classics List for Children and Youth - from the book "A Thomas Jefferson Education." Many available online. Separated into 2 age groups. (Archived page.)

A Child's Reading List - from Eagle Forum. Difficulty level is rated, and books are also labeled as being best suited for boys, girls, or both.

Twaddle-Free Book Lists and "Living Books" - Neat list of books we've all heard of. Many of these are also available free online, but her list links to the books at Amazon instead. Arranged by age, and some by subject.

Book Wizard - at Scholastic. Search for a title to find the reading level and interest level, both by grade. Or browse by reading level for a list of books.

AR Book Finder - This site doesn't have a book list, but you can enter a book title and search for its "ATOS book level" and the "Interest Level" by grade.

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Handwriting for Kids - Printable penmanship practice. Select manuscript or cursive. There are multiple categories to choose from, such as: Alphabet, Numbers, Sentences, Nursery Rhymes, etc. The alphabet tracing guides are a great reference, which have numbered arrows that show HOW to form each letter correctly.
There are also pre-writing worksheets to help with coordination.

Handwriting paper - Good blank handwriting paper (with the dotted middle line) in numerous formats and sizes. Very little wasted space when you print these! There's also filler paper, without the dotted line.

Custom Tracer Pages - Available in 3 font styles. What you type will be printed in dotted lines for the student to trace. You could also use this for copywork by typing a sentence and leaving the rest of the page blank for them to fill in. Unlike some other generators I've seen, this cursive font actually connects the letters properly.

Handwriting Articles
Why teach cursive first? - Interesting article at LITHBTH Educational Services.

Handwriting is on the wall - Studies show that better handwriting helps kids express themselves better, and write more complex sentences. Interesting article.


What is Copywork? - A brief explanation of the concept of copywork (why and how). Some parents have the student copy a passage, while some have the student copy one sentence repeatedly until the page is filled up. Maybe doing some of each will suit you. (The latter may be a good way to help with something you want the student to memorize, or to help cement a certain principle in their minds.)

Custom Tracer Pages - Available in 3 font styles. What you type will be printed in dotted lines for the student to trace. You could use this for copywork by typing a sentence and leaving the rest of the page blank for them to fill in. Unlike some other generators I've seen, this cursive font actually connects the letters properly.

Leaves of Life - Free online text. Provides an average of 4 copywork excerpts for each day of the year. Includes morals, quotations, poems, scriptures, etc. (See Penmanship section for printable writing paper.)

The Young Gentleman and Lady's Monitor  MB - Free online text. Set up in short, numbered segments, perfect for copywork. Includes morals, quotations, poems, etc. (Look in Penmanship section for printable writing paper.)

Handy Dictionary of Poetical Quotations  MB - Short selections from famous poetry, which may be appropriate for copywork. (Find more free books of quotations here.)

Christian HS Copywork - Free Yahoo Group that will mail you a week's worth of copywork at a time.

Copywork Fonts - Create your own copywork pages with these fonts:
Cursive with dotted lines - Use \ instead of space bar to keep the dotted lines between the words, and to make extra lines for writing. I like this one because the letters are actually connected.
Manuscript with dotted lines - Use the ` key [just below Esc] instead of space bar to keep the dotted lines between the words, and to make extra lines for writing.

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Free Spelling Course - Includes lessons, rules, exercises and answers. Can use online, or copy, paste and print out. Says it is appropriate for grades 6 to 8.

Owl-Online Writing Lab - See the "General Writing" and "Teacher and Tutor Resources" sections for spelling, grammar and punctuation resources. Directions are available, as well as some exercises, which include answer keys. Available in printer-friendly HTML.

Spelling Rules - at Reading from Scratch. Basic English spelling rules.

Susan Jones' Spelling Rules - Includes rules for irregular nouns and verbs. (Archived page.)

McGuffey's Eclectic Spelling Book - Use the PDF version to retain all the original phonetic markings. Or get the PDF from IA or from GB.

The American Spelling Book - by Noah Webster. The classic "Blue-Backed Speller". Or try The Elementary Spelling Book: Being an Improvement on The American Spelling Book, also by Webster.

100 Most Often Misspelled Words - Includes tips on how to remember the correct spelling. Great list! Also see the Commonly Confused Words list (affect vs. effect, its vs. it's, who vs. whom).

$ Professor Klugimkopf's English Spelling - Buy this RC book already printed in hardcover or paperback. Discounted price for RC users. (Or you can print this from RC version 2.2.)

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English Grammar: Explanations and Exercises - by Mary Ansell. A free grammar book that covers the basics. Includes exercises and answers. Can download and print, or use online.

English Synonyms and Antonyms - by James Champlin Fernald. Free book that includes exercises. In text or HTML at PG, or get the PDF from GB.

Owl-Online Writing Lab - See the "General Writing" and "Teacher and Tutor Resources" sections for spelling, grammar and punctuation resources. Directions are available, as well as some exercises, which include answer keys. Available in printer-friendly HTML.

$ Professor Klugimkopf's English Grammar - Buy this RC book already printed in hardcover or paperback. RC users get a discount. (Or you can print this from RC version 2.2.)

Books used in another curriculum, which mayor may not interest you: (These are from the 1800s)
  Graded Lessons in English - by Kellogg and Reed in text format. (Or PDF scans at GB.)
  Higher Lessons in English - by Kellogg and Reed in text format. (Or PDF scans at GB.)
  This following book's not used in the other curriculum, but since the above books have no answer keys, you may find it useful. A Key Containing Diagrams of the Sentences Given for Analysis in the 2 books listed above. (Scans at GB.)

COMPOSITION (or Rhetoric)

English Usage, Style & Composition - A list of free grammar and composition books (old and new) in HTML at (Includes the classic "Elements of Style")

Paradigm Online Writing Assistant - Free, complete essay writing course.

Owl-Online Writing Lab - See the "General Writing" and "Teacher and Tutor Resources" sections resources covering all aspects of writing. Directions are available, as well as some exercises, which include answer keys. Available in printer-friendly HTML.

ABCs of the Writing Process - Free online course, good for younger students.

Book used in another curriculum, which mayor may not interest you: (From the 1800s)
  Text-book on Rhetoric - by Brainerd Kellogg


30 Days of Poetry - Free lessons that teach how to write different kinds of poetry. (If link doesn't work, try the archived page.)

Poetry Study - Free from Ambleside Online. Includes how to read, understand, and teach poetry.

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Note: The flashcards on RC are add and subtract with answers up through 18, and multiply and divide through the 12s. The cards on the CDs are to be printed and folded over. Or instead you could buy similar cards for a low price, write your own on index cards, or download some listed below.

My Math Facts Flashcards - At this site. (PDF) These contain the exact same math facts that are on the RC flashcards, but these print out double-sided. No more folding, taping or laminating. Just get some cardstock, print and cut! (Contains add and subtract up to 18, and multiply and divide through the twelves.)
Also available is a set of hexagonal cards (fact family cards) offering all the same math problems. (Use the link above, and scroll down a little to find them.)

Mathematics Enhancement Programme (MEP) - Free online math curriculum. (Scroll down to "School Curriculum Materials.") Used in British public schools, but also now used by some homeschoolers. And if you want to discuss using this program, here's the mep-homeschoolers Yahoo group you can join for free.

Math Compass - Great free program for practicing on the computer. Has a flashcard style layout (not printable) and includes add, subtract, multiply and divide. Also has a math worksheet generator and math games.

Math Facts Worksheet Generator - Free program from Schoolhouse Technologies. (There are many other generators online as well.)

Graph Paper - Free customizable graph paper.

$ Saxon Math's Website - at Houghton Mifflin Harcout. If you browse the store you will see you can select Math in the Homeschool section, or in the Educators section (probably the public school editions). I don't know which you will prefer, but we have really liked the homeschool kits. You may want to keep in mind that RC users get a 20% discount when buying through the RC site. (See Below). If you're unsure where to start your child, try the Placement Tests. (These are at Sonlight, since those at the Saxon site seem to have disappeared.)

$ Saxon Math Discount - RC users get a 20% discount when you buy through RC. When ordering, you'll need your RC serial number, which is located on a sticker somewhere inside the CD case. (Note: You don't have to buy all of them at once for the discount to apply.)

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G. A. Henty - Visit Preston Speed (archived page) or to learn why books by G. A. Henty are a great way to learn world history.

Charlotte Yonge - Learn why her books are another great way to learn world history. (She wrote great historical fiction, like G. A. Henty, but her books may be more appealing to girls.)

Our Timelines - Free timeline generator. You just provide a name and some dates, and it fills in the rest. You can add your own personal events that will be interspersed with the world events. Really helps put things in perspective, especially when looking at the life span of an ancestor or historical person. Great tool for history, genealogy, or for fun. Also makes a printable version in black & white.

The Library of Congress - Their online collections include things like books, maps, newspapers, historic photos, etc.

U. S. Historical Documents - Documents and speeches from pre-colonial times to the present day.

The Avalon Project - Historical documents from all parts of the world, from ancient to modern times.

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Owl & Mouse Educational Software - Many free U.S. and World geography learning games. (States, Countries, Land features, printable maps, from small to giant size.)

Seterra - Free geography program provides detailed information about our world. Teaches countries, capitals, cities, and flags.

Geography Tutors - Free programs to brush up on geography. (US, Europe or Africa)

States and Capitals - Learn about the 50 states online, print maps or blank state maps to label.

Blank Maps - World, U.S. and individual states.

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American Sign Language University - Free lessons with animations.

Free Online Language Courses - Links to free materials to learn more than 100 languages.

FSI Language Course - Free materials to learn more than 30 languages. Even includes mp3s so you can hear the words spoken. (I'm interested to hear from anyone who's used their site [or others listed here]. Let me know what you think.)

Textkit - Greek and Latin Learning Tools - Free downloadable materials to learn Ancient Greek or Latin.

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Online Biology Book - RC doesn't contain a Biology text, and this one's free. I don't know how printable it is, but you could probably make it work. (If anyone's used this book, I'd be glad to hear what you thought of it.)

Celestia - Free 3D space simulation. Probably the nicest planetarium software I've seen.

Solar System 3D Simulator - Cool free program for your computer. Shows orbits and teaches you about each planet.

Kite Modeler - Free program explores the physics (and math) of creating different kinds of kites. Program helps you design a kite and shows you how it would fly in real life.

The Virtual Body - Interactive web page. Contains brain, skeleton, heart and digestive tract.

Human Anatomy Online - Interactive web page. Choose any of the body's systems to learn about. Contains all body systems (including reproductive) so you may want to use for older children.

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Bruce's Unusual Typing Wizard - Free typing program for all ages. Includes lessons, practice, and games, and keeps score for many different users.

Tux Typing - Free typing software for kids. Includes lessons and games.

Famous Paintings Art Appreciation Lessons For Kids - at Garden of Praise. See the picture, read about it, and the artist. There are corresponding worksheets, activities and coloring pages. Use the online links to view in color, or print out in color or b & w.

Art Appreciation / Picture Study - Free from Ambleside Online.

Kids Sewing Projects - Includes 6 levels of free lessons, and many free projects for girls and boys. (You can buy the e-book, or just get the free lessons on their page.)

Kids Cooking Activities - Free lessons and free recipes for all age groups. There are Kids Cooking Lessons (toddler to age 18) or the basic How to Cook Lessons. The kids lessons also include things like table manners, table setting, meal planning, nutrition, and grocery shopping. (You can buy the e-book, or just get the free lessons on their page.) There's also a Kids Recipe section.

Music Appreciation / Composer Study - Free from Ambleside Online.

Jon Schmidt's Note Reading - Download free book and learn to play piano.

Keyboard and Music Theory - Free lessons in HTML or PDF, at Garden of Praise.

Guitar Lessons - by Aaron Schulman. Free lessons at Garden of Praise.

Homeschool Driving Course - Learn about options for homeschoolers, and read about Parent-Taught Drivers Ed at HSLDA. Both pages offer useful links. Another interesting article there is Parent Taught Driverís Education Saves Lives. They also offer a course you can purchase, and HSLDA members receive a discount. (Be sure to check your state's driver requirements before pursuing online or home courses.)

Harvard Classics Reading Guide - 15 minutes a day for a year will cover the best parts of these classics. (Harvard Classics available at

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Robinson Curriculum Official Site - This site is big. But it's good to take some time and learn about this before you decide to get started. You don't have to agree with all of his theories for the curriculum to work. But much of what he says is quite useful. (It's helpful to get a basic understanding of the curriculum before you figure out how to tailor it to suit your family.) While you're getting used to using the curriculum you'll probably come back here again and again. There's so much information that it's easy to forget some! (You can also read much of the same information in the "Course of Study" and "Application Guide" that come on the RC disks.)

Summary of RC - Note: This is written by the man who created RC. But it is quite a bit shorter than the RC site, so it's a good place to start.

Joyful Light Education (archived version) - A very useful site. Has the RC booklist sorted in a different reading order. Also provides tests for many more of the books. (If a test page doesn't work, try refreshing that page, or choosing an earlier date from the archive bar at the top.) Some ideas on bookbinding methods, tracking (for those in states where that is required) and more.

Weekly Assignment Record - Free RC tracking sheets.

Robinson Forum - at the Robinson Curriculum site. Search here for answers to your questions about using the curriculum.

Robinson Users For Christ - A Yahoo group with helpful people, and also some free files you may find useful. You must sign up for this group, but it is free, and you can always "un-join" later if you like. They also sell used homeschool materials there.

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HELPFUL HOMESCHOOL SITES (miscellaneous links)

Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) - Learn about the legal requirements for homeschooling in your state, and read lots of great articles about homeschooling.

A to Z Home's Cool - A very large site of all things homeschool. Represents many different homeschool philosophies.

Book Wizard - at Scholastic. Search for a title to find the reading level and interest level, both by grade. Or browse by reading level for a list of books.

AR Book Finder - Enter a book title and search for its reading level.

Author Jan Brett's Home Page - Many of the sections on her page have free educational printables. Her artwork is irresistibly cute!

Clipart For Covers - The following are a few of my favorite sites for clipart.
Clipart ETC - Educational clipart in black-and-white.
Portrait Gallery - Photos or paintings of famous figures.
PDClipart - Public domain clipart.
Wikimedia Commons - Public domain images (including artwork).

Printable School-Year Calendar - at Scroll down to find the one called "12 month School Year Calendar with Date Boxes". These go from July - June. It's good for keeping track of which days you did school, and it fits on one page. (I print mine on cardstock to last all year.)

MIT Free Online Courses - College or High School level.) Or Google "free online course" or "free courseware" for more sites like this.

Free practice tests - ACT, SAT, and GRE. Must create an account, but it's free. (There are a number of other places that also provide free practice tests.)

Sheppard Software - Free educational software for schools and homeschools. (Presidents-Mania, States-Mania, Astro-Mania, Geography, SAT/GRE Crash Course, etc.) Codes provided for otherwise shareware programs.

Owl & Mouse Educational Software - Great free games to download. Many geography, and reading programs, printable maps, and some educational crafts.

PBS - Why not take advantage of educational programming? Look up your local PBS station's programming schedule, and record the educational shows you're interested in. Check your local station and sign up for a preview newsletter, if possible. (May be in a teacher section.) If not, here's the general PBS Preview Newsletter you can sign up for.

Emergency Homeschool Plan - at Ambleside Online. A plan for temporary schooling, using free online materials. Created for any emergency schooling situation, whether or not the child was previously homeschooled or not.

World Book's Typical Course of Study - If you're wondering what subjects schools typically cover for each grade, here is a basic outline, from Pre-K through 12th grade.

$ Discounts for Homeschoolers - A list of stores that offer discounts to educators, including homeschool teachers. (There are probably more places besides those listed here. It never hurts to ask!)

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HSLDA: Homeschooling Through High School - The "During High School" section has plenty of free information for all homeschoolers (not just HSLDA members) about grading, record keeping, diplomas, testing, credits, preparing transcripts, and much more. They have a number of different transcript samples, and a blank form. Besides all that free info, you can also opt to pay for the transcript service they offer.

Homeschooling High School - Has lots of info about the following: transcripts, credits, diplomas, planning and recording forms, and more. It also includes a link to a free Transcript Creator.

The Basic High School Transcript - from Donna Young. Includes directions for how to prepare a transcript, as well as some samples.

Robinson Users For Christ - A free Yahoo group for Robinson Curriculum users. They have some sample transcripts in their files sections, and other members have posted about how they've done transcripts with RC.

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$ Robinson Books - Offers printed versions of a few RC books, and all the Henty books. Includes the Grammar, Spelling, and Vocabulary books.

$ Dover Publications - Many of the RC books (and other classics) are offered here at very low prices. They also have a few Henty.

$ Exodus Books - They offer many Henty books, as well as some study guides, and a few books by Charlotte Yonge. Available in hardcover, trade paperback, or featherweights.

$ Love to Learn - The funnest HS store I've found, and with great prices. They carry: Saxon math books, some RC and Henty books, as well as other great classics (use the "Home School Resources" drop-down menu and click "Good Reading"), Bible learning and other great HS materials.

$ Used Homeschool Curriculum - A list of places to find used homeschool material.

$ Used Homeschooling Books / Curricula - Another list of places to find used homeschool materials.
Also check out eBay, or ,if you're looking for RC, try one of the RC forums.

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MISCELLANEOUS (not school-related)

$ The Storage Room - Home food storage supplies. If you're interested in preparedness, check out this site! They carry dehydrated as well as freeze-dried foods, including staples plus a large variety of other yummy-looking and useful foods. Some of the brands they carry are Harveston Farms, Mountain House, and Backpacker's Pantry.

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